We have always maintained that intensity is the key to success in our personal training studio. Working to the point of maximum effort causes many positive things to happen in our bodies. However, working that hard sometimes produces something else: the grunt. The definition of grunt includes this line, ”to utter a deep guttural sound,…



We do it everyday, repeatedly. In fact, it’s virtually impossible not to do it. Of course, I’m talking about breathing, specifically, breathing in.   Our bodies need a constant supply of oxygen for our cells to produce energy in a process called cellular respiration. Luckily, our atmosphere is 21% oxygen. All we have to do…

How to Find Motivation for Exercise


We all know that there is no “I” in team. But there is a “ME” and that’s not a bad thing. Teamwork is roughly defined as a group that works together to achieve a goal.At Vertex Fitness, all of the trainers work together to provide an amazing experience for each one of our clients. We…