Grit Did you ever start something (a project, a job, a relationship, etc) that just kicked you in the butt? If at the end of the butt-kicking, you brushed yourself off and tried again (and again and again) until you completed the project, job, relationship, then you displayed grit. Grit, psychologically-speaking, is having passion for…

Tracey Borgstrom Passionate & Knowledgable Staff

Tracey Borgstrom, Testimonial – I am learning so much from the Passionate & Knowledgable Staff

Tracey Borgstrom, Testimonial – I am learning so much from the Passionate & Knowledgable Staff I am learning so much! Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what they do. Tracey Borgstrom Rose Valley, PA               Request a complimentary first session at Vertex Fitness, Click HERE and we will schedule a session to try it…