Reduce the pressure

Reduce The Pressure

Reduce The Pressure Do you suffer from hypertension? If so, you might consider adding strength training in to your life. According to Sue Beckham PhD, approximately 57% of the adult population suffers from hypertension; that being a resting blood pressure exceeding 140/90. Needless to say, someone (you) diagnosed as hypertensive should consult their doctor before…


The Seated Row

Here at Vertex, we use a number of excellent machines. One of my favorites is the Hammer MTS Row. I also happen to think that it is one of the tougher exercises to do, but only because it usually comes right after the leg press. The Row targets the muscles of the upper back. The…


Meet Brian Fuller

In case we have not had the pleasure of meeting one another, my name is Brian. I am a new trainer here at Vertex. I am currently in my second year at Delaware County Community College studying psychology. First off, I have to say “thank you” to Dwayne Wimmer, Todd Kleinfelter and Kelly McCauley. These…