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I won’t get big muscles will I?

Don’t worry, ladies. Your body will look amazing and you won’t get big guns like the guys. Can’t find an answer to your question here? Feel free to contact us immediately at 610-525-6604. We look forward to hearing from you!... Read More

Will I lose weight?

It would be just about impossible for you not to lose weight if you follow our program suggestions.... Read More

I have health issues so is it OK to work out?

We are willing to work with whatever your concerns are. We can work closely with your doctor of need be. A tailored physical fitness program can lessen the severity of symptoms from osteoporosis, arthritis, joint pain, fatigue, back/neck pain, weakness,... Read More

Why do I need a personal trainer when I can go to a gym any time I want?

We’ll answer this one with another question. Are you going to your gym consistently? Are you a fitness expert who can maximize his or her own total body workout in a way that is consistent and efficient? Will you be... Read More

Will I have energy to work out?

Caffeine is great, but natural energy levels are even better. You can increase your natural energy levels with our specific training programs. We’ll help you so you can keep up with the kids and stay more focused at work.... Read More

Do I have time to work out in your program?

Of course! Many of our clients have serious time restraints; whether from the kids or from a busy job or they just have lots of hobbies. In fact, we can tailor a workout that can be done within your lunch... Read More

I don’t know what I’m doing so how do I work out?

We’ll help you navigate the sometimes-intimidating fitness waters. It’s our job. All you do is show up.... Read More

Who benefits from a personal trainer?

Anyone. Training programs are especially useful for busy people who want a consistent and efficient workout. Physical fitness also increases your energy level so you can get more done and keep up. Trainers help you lose weight and build physique.... Read More

Testimonial – Scott Adzick

Testimonial – Scott Adzick What a terrific program! I am a very busy guy, so it is a great help that the trainers are very accommodating to my hectic schedule. I have found my workout regimen to be fun, invigorating,... Read More