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Frozen Yogurt – 4 Myths

Frozen Yogurt – 4 Myths You may feel virtuous ordering a creamy white swirl of frozen yogurt from any one of the “real” yogurt shops popping up across the country—frozen yogurt has become a 2 billion dollar industry, but what... Read More

Beat the Heat Before It Beats You

Beat the Heat Before It Beats You It’s summertime and you head out for a run. Before you even finish the first mile, your body feels as though it might ignite from the heat. It’s not your imagination. Fifteen minutes... Read More

Sneaker Savvy

Sneaker Savvy If you’ve tried to buy a pair of athletic shoes recently, you probably noticed the wide range of high-tech, state-of-the-art athletic gear. Consumers are faced with so many options that the task of choosing a pair of shoes... Read More

Diet Myths

Diet Myths In a society that is becoming increasingly health conscious, more and more information is constantly coming out on how to lose weight, how to get fit, how to eat, sleep, breathe—everything under the sun that will help you... Read More

Exercise to Boost Your Job Performance

Exercise to Boost Your Job Performance How would you like to feel more energized at work — to sharpen your brain and enhance your ability to concentrate, learn, and think creatively? Not only would you feel better physically, but you’d... Read More

Teens Fitness and You

Teens Fitness and You Statistics show that suicide, pregnancy and firearm-homicide are all on the rise for teens. In 2007, the CDC reported that 23% of teens smoke, and 17% of eighth graders have tried alcohol. Only 30% of them get... Read More

Kids in Motion

Kids in Motion By the time they reach high school, 64% of children are no longer physically active. If your kids fall within this group, be a role model and introduce them to fun exercise. Once you get kids moving... Read More

Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Strength Training for Kids Many parents and physical education teachers have traditionally shied away from strength training with their children or students. However, there is sufficient research to suggest that strength training is a suitable—and safe—option for most youth. Here... Read More

10 Fun Fitness Summer Activities for Kids

10 Fun Fitness Summer Activities for Kids Summer is here and children need to stay active, healthy and busy during their break from school.  To keep kids moving, the American Council on Exercise suggests ten, fun fitness summer activities for... Read More

Staying Fit with Lung Conditions

Staying Fit with Lung Conditions Years ago, people with lung conditions were advised to take it easy, and sit out of strenuous activities. Thanks to medical research, those days are over. It’s established that regular exercise is beneficial for people... Read More