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Muscle Confusion

Muscle Confusion Muscle confusion is currently a big buzzword in the fitness field. Program “X” is based on the principle of muscle confusion to ensure maximum growth. Trainer “Y” says, “You gotta confuse your muscles to get them to grow!”... Read More

5 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

5 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain As the days get colder and the sunsets earlier, you may suddenly find you’ve become a homebody. Suddenly that small waistline you worked so hard to maintain in summer starts to expand. Your... Read More

Sleep to Stay on Top of Your Life

Sleep to Stay on Top of Your Life The overall health of the nation would improve dramatically if everybody would do one simple thing: sleep! Most adults need 7-8 hours each night. One recent report found that nearly 1/3 of... Read More

New Years Resolutions on “What Da Heck” Radio Show

New Years Resolutions and MUCH more on the “What Da Heck” radio show hosted by Kevin Hodes I had a GREAT time with my friend and fellow Best Selling Author of the book “The Soul of Success, Vol. 2” on... Read More

Tips to Make Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Tips to make realistic New Year’s resolutions Did you know that about 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions and the most popular resolution is losing weight, of those who make resolutions, a  mere 8 percent achieve them. So... Read More

Holiday Spirits

Ouch! I hit my head getting out of the car. The world was spinning and I saw stars. As I sat on the hood trying to clear my head, I saw something strange. It was a ghost. And it looked... Read More

KISSmas 2015! A Vertex Holiday Tradition

KISSmas 2015! A Vertex Holiday Tradition It’s not Christmas, it’s KISSmas at Vertex Fitness! Once a year, the Vertex staff, family, friends and clients get together to celebrate the holidays in a unique way, the KISSmas way. KISS does not... Read More

Indulged Over The Holidays?

Indulged Over The Holidays? Tis the season to indulged over the holidays with stuffing, turkey, buttery rolls, and pie, pie, and more pie. With all the office parties, cookie swaps, and holiday potlucks this time of year, it’s especially hard to... Read More

Let’s Do Some Christmas Lifts!

It’s almost Christmas time; the perfect time to talk about the always important Christmas lifts. You say you’ve never heard of Christmas lifts? Well, I never did either until I came up with this blog topic! Let’s start with the... Read More

Why Strength Training for Women is Essential

Why Strength Training for Women is Essential The science behind Strength Training for Women is endless, so why then are only about 20 percent of women lifting weights weekly? Many women believe that strength training will make them develop bulky muscles.... Read More